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Blessing is 8 with a single mom and six siblings. This squalor and another hut only a little different than this is the only comfort that she, her siblings and their mother know. No doubt her mother had all the good wishes and best expectations for her at birth hence she named her Blessing. How ironic! We are committed to making her life truly a blessing and we appeal to you to help us rewrite the history of this poor little girl's life. With a hundred dollars a year (100USD) we can send her to school.

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Esther has been a widow for over 12 years. For two years now, she has been suffering from a medical condition known as prolapsed uterus whereby due to a collapse of the uterine muscles caused by childbirth or difficult labor and delivery, the uterus caves in surging out through the vagina, she has not been able to receive any form of medical attention nor has she any hope of one. Plus, she is today suffering from total paralysis and no hope is in sight as though waiting to die. We plan to get her some medical attention as soon as possible and we rely on your donation to accomplish this.

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DMIWOO Entrepreneurship Education Workship Graduation - January 17th, 2012

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